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Personal Accounting Services

At Scott & Co we understand that for the majority of people taking care of financial issues is not what they want to be spending their time doing. Time with family and taking care of the day-to-day is what really matters most, and we aim to provide a service that helps you find more of that time. Whether you need to take care of your personal tax, apply for a mortgage, invest for retirement or lease a vehicle, we can help make the process a lot less stressful and time-consuming.


Personal tax services

It’s easy to think that engaging the services of an accountant will cost you money and that you’re going to be better off financially if you just file your tax returns yourself. It’s easy to think. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong! When you use a professional accountant you do pay a fee for the service you receive, but the likelihood is you will also receive a much smaller tax return. The difference is usually more than enough to cover any cost that you may incur by hiring an accounting professional to handle your taxes for you. The reality is, when you do your taxes yourself, you’re usually losing – not saving – money because of it. Scott & Co know the tax landscape inside out. We will work with you to maximise your tax return in an easy, hassle-free way – and put workable systems in place for the next financial year to make capturing your expenditure easier than it’s ever been.

Wealth creation and financial planning

Changing the little things today can have a huge impact in the future, and this is where working with a professional financial planner can work wonders for your long-term wealth creation. From investment strategies and investments to having the right insurance in place for you and your family, a financial planner will work with you to put the most suitable plans in place to cover all of your needs, providing peace of mind and to ensuring you have a better opportunity of achieving your goals and dreams.

Mortgages and vehicle leasing

Finding a home loan can be a time-consuming and frustrating exercise. The market is full of options that vary greatly – although at face value may look exactly the same.
At Scott & Co we can refer you to a broker who will take the frustration out of the process and provide you with the options that best suit your situation. They can also access leasing finance and will be able to help make your purchase of a car or equipment quick and stressless.

Let us help your personal finances grow

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